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Professor John A. Nairn, Wood Science & Engineering

Scientific Software

See my Computational Mechanics web site for documentation and downloads for finite element analysis (FEA) and material point method (MPM) software.

Other Software

My Genealogy Software web site lists some software packages that are available on the internet for genealogy research as non-scientific, commercial software.

Java Applications

The following applications can be clicked to download Java jar files to your computer:.

  1. Oregon State Laminates - A graphical interface for doing laminated plate theory calculations of composites. It is decribed more fully on its own page.
    OSULaminates Icon

  2. Units Converter Application - Convert almost any type of units into all other related units with a single click.
    Units Converter IconUnits Converter Screen Shoot
    Click image to download

  3. Heat Transport Calculations - One-dimensional simulation of heat transport in slabs, cylinders, and spheres with convection boundary conditions.
    Units Converter IconHeat Transfer Screen Shoot
    Click image to download

  4. Copolymer Equation - dynamically explore the copolymer equation that gives the composition of a copolymer from monomer properties.