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Professor John A. Nairn, Wood Science & Engineering


  • Deformation and fracture properties of solid wood and wood-based composites.
  • Numerical modeling using the material point method.
  • Micromechanics of solid wood including fracture at the annular ring level and transverse compression at the cellular level.
  • Fracture mechanics analysis of all kinds of composites including matrix cracking, delamination, interfacial failure, fiber failure, damage modeling, and fatigue failure.
  • Effect of residual thermal stresses in composites, adhesive applications, and multilayered structures.
  • Analysis of single-fiber model composites and experiments on interfaces between natural fibers and polymer matrices.
  • Modeling mechanical properties of adhesive bond, glue lines in wood, and any interface in composite materials.
  • Durability of composites.
  • Cracking of coatings and paint systems applied to a variety of substrates