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Professor John A. Nairn, Wood Science & Engineering


IconOSULaminates is a free java application for laminated plate theory calculations. You create laminates in a visual interface by selecting ply materials and clicking on plies. Each click can set the orientation for that layer. Besides entering ply properties, you can enter matrix and fiber properties and use state-of-the-art micromechanics to calculate ply properties from the component properties (using concentric cylinder model theory). You can thus go from fiber and matrix properties to complete composite properties in a few clicks.


OSULaminates jar file in a zip archive
(Extract the jar file and copy to disk)
May 12, 2015


  1. This application requires at least Java 1.5 (and may require Java 1.6 where all developing and testing is now done).
  2. See the "Help" menu command for instructions on using the software.
  3. The following screen shot shows the key elements:
    Screen Shot
  4. You can edit material properties or create new materials for the plies, fibers, and matrices by exporting the material data, editing in text software, and then importing the data back into OSULaminates. A future release might support editing within the application.
  5. You can include variable-angle plies and plot laminate properties as a function of that variable to solve simple design problems.
  6. The wood veneers listed in the "Plies" menu can be used to calculate mechanics, thermal expansion, and moisture expansion of plywood products.
  7. This software only calculates mechanical properties, thermal expansion coefficients, and moisture expansion coefficients because laminated plate theory has be verified to work well for these calculations. By design, this software does not attempt any failure properties, because laminate plate theory often gives dubious results for strength properties.