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Global Environmental Change (SNR 540)

Global Environmental Change – 3 credit hour course (SNR 540) offered on-line through the Sustainable Natural Resources Program at Oregon State University.

This course surveys topics in both the biophysical sciences and social sciences that underlie contemporary global change issues. We review the history of the biosphere, the global biogeochemical cycles, and the global climate system. From that base, we examine issues including stratospheric ozone depletion, acidic deposition, climate change, and threats to biodiversity. On the human dimensions side of global change, we consider the economic, political, and cultural aspects of globalization. The course is heavily oriented around on-line discussions and weekly essays. Discussion topics include the origin of life, Gaia theory, and the prospects for global environmental governance. Current global management tools including satellite remote sensing and Earth system modeling are introduced.

Global Environmental Change Syllabus

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