You may browse the images used for the study here as well as download the set of images (links below). Placing the mouse curser on the image will pause the slide show and you may manually cycle through the images.

To download individual images you may right click on the image of interest and save it. For the slideshow, images were reduced in size, cropped, and had the date inserted.

To download a pdf file of all image pairs (32MB) click the icon. _32MB
To download a zip file of all individual images (323MB) click the icon. 323MB
For most retake photos, the image had to be cropped to match the field of view of the historical image. To download the uncropped master retake photos (326MB) click the icon 326MB

We would like to thank and acknowledge Bill Pyle, Steve Herman, and the staff of the Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge for providing the historical images.