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5th MPM Workshop

Thursday and Friday, April 2-3, 2009
Oregon State University Corvallis, OR, 97331


This one and half day workshop featured presentations on theory and application of the material point method (MPM) as a numerical method for solving problems in solid mechanics, composites, fracture, problems involving interfaces and contact, multi-scale and multi-physics problems, and more. The workshop included some time for discussion about MPM as well. The conference was made possible by support from Sandia National Lab.

A 6th MPM Workshop is anticipated to be held around the same time in 2010. If you would like to be added to the future mailing list, send yours email address to John Nairn and it will be forward to next year's organizer.


Click here to download the full conference CD. It is a 145 MB zip file. Expand the archive and burn to CD. You can open the index.html file to browse PDF talks. For PPT files and for movies associated with PDF talks, see the folders with the presenter's name. The "Conference Info" folder has the attendence list.

Time Person Affiliation Title
Thursday, April 2, 2009
8:00AM Room opens, coffee, etc.
8:25AM Welcome, John A. Nairn
8:30AM MPM Overview (discussion leader: Scott Bardenhagen)
8:30AM Zhen Chen University of Missouri An Overview of the MPM over the Last 15 Years
9:00AM Jim Guilkey Schlumberger An Overview of the Generalized Interpolation Material Point Method with an Emphasis on Unresolved Issues
9:30AM Tim Bartel Sandia National Lab Multi-scale modeling with MPM
10:00AM Coffee Break
10:30AM Surfaces and Multi-materials (discussion leader: Tim Bartel)
10:30AM Carter Mast University of Washington Grid independent, bounding surfaces
11:00AM Duan Z. Zhang Los Alamos National Lab Computation of Multi-Material Interactions Using Material Point Method
11:30AM Jason Sanchez University of New Mexico Alternative Aspects of Cohesive Crack Modeling With the Material Point Method
12:00PM Lunch, Hilton Garden Hotel Restaurant (catered)
1:15PM Multi-phase and MPM Analysis (discussion leader: Jim Guilkey)
1:15PM Peter Mackenzie-Helnwein University of Washington Modeling drag force interaction for multi-phase flow using MPM with distinct phases
1:45PM Mike Steffen University of Utah Decoupling and Balancing of Space and Time Errors in the Material Point Method
2:15PM Phil Wallstedt University of Utah Experiences with Weighted Least Squares in the MPM/GIMP Framework
2:45PM Coffee Break
3:00PM Wood, snow, dirt, and rocks (discussion leader: Peter Mackenzie-Helnwein)
3:00PM John Nairn Oregon State University MPM Simulation of Fracture Including Both Crack Tip Fracture Mechanics and Fiber Bridging Traction Laws - Application to Fracture of Composites and Medium Density Fiber Board (MDF)
3:30PM Jonah Lee University of Alaska Simulation of the Mechanical Properties of Snow and Mud using Uintah
4:00PM Wookuen Shin University of Washington 3D modeling of landslides and debris-flows
6:30PM Conference Dinner, Big River, downtown Corvallis
Friday, April 3, 2009
8:00AM Room opens, coffee, etc.
8:30AM MPM Applications (discussion leader: Jonah Lee)
8:30AM Jeff Burghardt University of Utah Use of MPM for simulating penetration of geologic materials with particulated metal jets
9:00AM Wije Wathugala ACTA Inc. Applications of CartaBlanca for Simulation of Breakup of Various Engineering Materials
9:30AM Edward LeOregon State University MPM Simulations of the Mechanical Properties of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) Accounting for Undulating Strands and Imperfect Glue Bonds
10:00AM Coffee Break
10:30AM MPM Discussion Topics (discussion leader: John Nairn)
12:00PM Adjourn

Other Attendees

  1. Scott Bardenhagen, Sante Fe, NM
  2. Harvey Williams, Schlumberger
  3. Oksana Guba, University of New Mexico
  4. Arijit Sinha, Oregon State University
  5. Xiang Lin, Oregon State University
  6. Farzana Hussain, Oregon State University
  7. Rakesh Gupta, Oregon State University
  8. Milo Clauson, Oregon State University


For any questions about the meeting please contact John Nairn by email or by phone at 541-737-4265.