Oregon State University
volume one, number one
A newsletter for alumni, friends, faculty, staff, and students of the OSU College of Forestry.


Focus on Forestry is published quarterly by the Oregon State University College of Forestry. Our goal is to keep Forestry alumni and friends informed about the College of Forestry and its many activities and programs.

Hal Salwasser
Deborah J. Bird
    Head advisor
Gail Wells
Marianne Barker
    Development director
Leah Rosin
    Editorial assistant
David Stauth and Robert Hood
    Contributing writers
Gretchen Bracher
    Graphic designer

College of Forestry
Oregon State University
154 Peavy Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331-5704
(541) 737-4241 forestrycommunications@oregonstate.edu www.cof.orst.edu

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              Focus on Forestry, College of Forestry, Spring 2002
                           Focus on Forestry, College of Forestry, Spring 2002