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Focus on Forestry is published quarterly by the Oregon State University College of Forestry. Our goal is to keep Forestry alumni and friends informed about the College of Forestry and its many activities and programs.

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Focus on Forestry, Fall 2003



Focus on Forestry, Fall 2003










  Dean's Column
  College News
  College Feature: Studying Fish and Wildlife Habitat in Managed Forests
  Forest Engineering
  Feature: Precision Forestry
  Competition, Climate Changes, Diseases May Shape Post-fire
  Successful Forest Engineering Graduate Students - Congratulations
  Forest Resources
  Feature: Natural Resources Major Bridges Gap Across Disciplines
  Assistant Professor Enjoys Moonlighting on the Gridiron
  2003 Starker Lecture Series
  New Faces
  Successful Forest Resources Graduate Students - Congratulations!
  Forest Science
  Feature: Trip to the Treetops: A Student's-Eye View of the Canopy
  USAID Project Supports South African Development
  Tree Improvement Research Co-op Turns 20
  Successful Forest Science Graduate Students - Congratulations!
  Wood Science & Engineering
  Feature: Fungi Studies Make Progress
  Back from Boston: Engineer Shares Stories from the Real World
  Children and Adults Learn About Wood
  Successful Wood Science & Engineering Graduate Students -
  Feature: SCEP - Bringing Students and Careers Together
  Two Fellowships for WSE Student
  Enrollment Trend Finally Changes
  Faculty Retirements
  Forestry Cabin - Home to Forestry Club, and Fernhoppers - Needs
Your Help
  Outreach and Communications
Forestry Extension Adapts to Major Funding Cuts
International Opportunities Await Forestry Grads
Tree School South a big success
Lewis & Clark Meet GIS
  Alumni and Donors
  In Memorian
  Newtons Establish Forest Research Fund
  New and Renewed Gifts


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