Applegate River Watershed Forest Simulation Project


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Field trip site, June 24, 1997

Research Team Members

Dr. K. Norman Johnson, Department of Forest Resources, OSU
will serve as project leader.
Dr. John Sessions, Department of Forest Engineering, OSU
will lead the modeling effort.
Dr. James Agee, College of Forest Resources, University of Washington
will provide advice on forest ecology, fire ecology, and fire behavior.
Dr. Chris Maguire, Department of Forest Science, OSU
will provide advice on wildlife relations.
Dr. Tim Schowalter, Department of Forest Entomology, OSU
will provide advice on insects and their role in forest ecosystems.
Dr. James Sedell, Pacific Northwest Research Station, Corvallis, OR
will provide advice on aquatic habitat and the recovery of threatened salmon stocks.
Debbie Johnson, College Research Forest, OSU
will provide advice on inventory and GIS.
Heidi Wedin, graduate student, OSU
is working on stand simulations.
Dave Graetz, graduate student, OSU
will provide advice on GIS.