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I’m excited to announce that the University has approved plans for the College to realign its administrative structure. This culminates 18 months of discussing and planning a course of actions that will help continue Forestry’s world class leadership in teaching, research and outreach in an increasingly changing and challenged natural environment.

I want to emphasize that there are no changes to our current academic and research programs. We will remain the College of Forestry. We will provide the same undergraduate and graduate degrees – producing students with the skills to enter a global workforce, provide leadership for natural resource issues, or emerge as the next generation of scientists. Our scientists will continue to seek and provide knowledge to help optimize, sustain and balance the many values expected from forest lands.

We view the reorganization as an opportunity to increase research collaboration across many disciplines, and to better position the College to meet the contemporary and emerging needs of current and future stakeholders, and the public at large. Programs must undoubtedly grow or adapt as we meet the changing needs of the forests, the environment and society. The new structure will aid the faculty and staff in mastering change. Our existing departments of Forest Resources, Forest Engineering and Forest Science will mix faculty to create departments of Forest Engineering, Resources and Management, and Forest Ecosystems and Society. More details will be provided in the next Focus. The department of Wood Science and Engineering will remain the same.

The effective date for the change is July 1, 2008, but the transition processes and some personnel relocations will take months to implement. This website and unit directories will be continuously updated as the transition takes place. Please bear with us as we build our future.

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