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Range Contractions Maps

Please click on the images below to enlarge. All maps were created and intended for use at the continental scale.

The maps for grizzly bear and gray wolf show areas of expansion, contraction and persistence, derived from comparing the species' historic and current geographic range. Similar maps were created for 43 North American carnivores and ungulates.

The species richness map shows historic and current species richness for 17 species that experienced range contractions over more than 20% of their historic range. The change map was created by subtracting the current from the historic species richness map. The legend shows the number of species present and the number of species lost in the change map.

The species lost by biome figure shows mean and number of species lost in each biome. Bars indicate means, and numbers following bars indicate maxima. The proportion of North American land that each biome constitutes is shown as a percentage after the biome's name.

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