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Chapter 1 - Introduction to Planted Forests: Contributions to the Quest for Sustainable Societies. Planted Forests: Views and Viewpoints. by JAMES R. BOYLE

Chapter 2 - Sustainable Management of Planted Forests: Some Comparisons between Central Europe and the United States by NIELS ELERS KOCH and J.P. SKOVSGAARD

Chapter 3 - Planted Forests of the Wet and Dry Tropics: Their Variety, Nature, and Significance by JULIAN EVANS

Chapter 4 -Eucalypt Plantations by JOHN W. TURNBULL

Chapter 5 - Douglas-fir Planted Forests by RICHARD K. HERMANN and DENIS P. LAVENDER

Chapter 6 - Loblolly-The Pine for the Twenty-first Century by ROBERT P. SCHULTZ

Chapter 7 - Planted Forests: Poplars by PAUL E. HEILMAN

Chapter 8 - The Need for Planted Forests and the Example of Radiata Pine by WILLIAM R. J. (WINK) SUTTON

Chapter 9 - Four Common Myths about Plantation Forestry by REX B. MCCULLOUGH

Chapter 10 - Multiple Purpose Forests And The National Forest System by KAREN BARNETTE

Chapter 11 - Sustainable Plantations of High-Yield Eucalyptus Trees for Production of Fiber: The Aracruz Case by EDGARD CAMPINHOS, JR.

Chapter 12 - Trees Outside Forests: Agro-, Community, and Urban Forestry by ALAN J. LONG and P. K. RAMACHANDRAN NAIR

Chapter 13 - Forests Planted for Ecosystem Restoration or Conservation by CONSTANCE A. HARRINGTON

Chapter 14 - Environmental Impacts of Forest Monocultures: Water Use, Acidification, Wildlife Conservation, and Carbon Storage by MELVIN G. R. CANNELL

Chapter 15 - Multiple Rotation Yields for Intensively Managed Plantations in The Amazon Basin by KENNETH L. MCNABB and LINEU H. WADOUSKI

Chapter 16 - Sustainable Management of Native and Exotic Plantations in Australia by JOHN TURNER, STANLEY P. GESSEL, and MARCIA J. LAMBERT

Chapter 17 - Radiata Pine Plantations in Chile by JORGE TORO and STANLEY GESSEL

Chapter 18 - Applications of Biotechnology for Forest Regeneration by STEVEN C. GROSSNICKLE and BEN C. S. SUTTON

Chapter 19 - Vulnerability of Planted Forests to Biotic and Abiotic Disturbances by PETER D. GADGIL and JOHN BAIN

Chapter 20 - On the Sustainable Productivity of Planted Forests by ROBERT F. POWERS

Chapter 21 - How Can We Feign Sustainability with an Increasing Population? by DAVID B. SOUTH

Chapter 22 - Ecosystem Management and Plantation Forestry: New Directions in British Columbia by CLARK S. BINKLEY

Chapter 23 - Private Forest Investment and Long-Run Sustainable Harvest Volumes by RALPH J. ALIG, DARIUS M. ADAMS, JOHN T. CHMELIK and PETE BETTINGER

Chapter 24 - The Potential of High-Yield Plantation Forestry for Meeting Timber Needs: Recent Performance, Future Potentials, and Environmental Implications by ROGER A. SEDJO

Chapter 25 - International Expectations for Sustainable Forestry: A View from the U.S. Forest Industry by JOHN P. MCMAHON

Chapter 26 - Small-Scale Planted Forests in Zululand, South Africa: An Opportunity for Appropriate Development by GUY A. CELLIER

Chapter 27 - Sustainability Issues in Switzerland's Forests by WOLFGANG ORTLOFF

Chapter 28 - The integration of planted and natural forests in a regional landscape by KATHLEEN KAVANAGH, GEORGE STANKEY and JIM BOYLE

Chapter 29 - Ideology and Culture in the Oregon Country: The Landscapes of Planting Society by WILLIAM G. ROBBINS

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