A Virtual Tour of Fort Cox College

The original college was established in 1930 near the site of a 19th-century British fort. The college grounds now total 1354 hectares. The farm, conference center, and staff housing are located here at the "Old College."

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administration building The "New College" campus was constructed beginning in 1974. The administration building, shown here, opened in 1977.
assembly hall Fort Cox graduates receive their diplomas in Mgolombane Hall, named for the great Xhosa chief Sandile "Aa! Mgolombane." The assembly hall and a sports stadium were built in 1983.
classrooms and laboratories Modern classrooms and laboratories, along with a new library and other facilities, were completed in 1994.
student dormitories New student residences, accomodating 227 students, were also added in 1994.
dairy farm Fort Cox boasts a modern farm with diagnostic facilities and two veterinarians on staff.
social forestry students in tree ID class Social forestry is one of four departments at Fort Cox College. These first-year social forestry students are practicing tree identification skills.
horticultural nursery A horticultural nursery is being developed with assistance from OSU's Dr. Robin Rose.
horticultural nursery Seedlings being grown in the nursery.
horticultural nursery Irrigation dam for the nursery.
social forestry students Social forestry students take a break from nursery maintenance chores.

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