Oregonian 7-13-02

Sustainable forestry grants will fund Oregon researchers

Sustainable forestry grants will fund Oregon researchers
     The National Commission on Science for Sustainable Forestry has awarded a total of $670,000 to four Oregon scientists for work intended to provide practical information and approaches to sustainable forestry.
     The four grants account for more than one-third of the amount given to researchers across the nation.
     The commission is managed by the National Council for Science and the Environment.
     The Oregon researchers

and their projects:
>>Steven Radosevich, an OSU professor of forest science, will lead a four-university team to assess lessons learned about managing forests for biodiversity and sustainability based on practical experiences.
>>Thomas Spies, a courtesy professor at OSU and researcher with the U.S. Forest Service, will head a team that will evaluate the science behind forest biodiversity policies, including carbon storage effects and the role of ecosystem restoration in biodiversity.
>>K. Norman Johnson, an OSU professor of forest

resources, will lead a team, including scientists from the University of Oregon and University of Washington, in evaluating the needs for systems to support decisions, and determining what types of decision-support systems exist in sustainable forestry and biodiversity management and how they are being applied.
>>Rebecca McLain, a researcher with the Portland-based Institute for Culture and Ecology, will assess knowledge about the effects on biodiversity of managing forests to create nontimber products in four U.S. eco-regions

--From staff reports