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Sustainable Forestry Working Definition

Sustainable Forestry describes forest policies, practices, and market mechanisms designed to enhance ecological, economic, and social sustainability.

Sustainable Forestry flows from the goal of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.



The Sustainable Forestry Partnership's mission is to document and promote innovation in sustainable forestry and help others integrate this innovation broadly into both policy and practice.

Sustainable Forestry Partnership vision


The Sustainable Forestry Partnership began at Oregon State University in 1995 and has grown to include faculty from partner institutions and organizations.

The Partnership engages an expanding network of partners including university faculty, industry experts, nongovernment organization representatives, government agencies, and landowners. Together they:

Identify key sustainable forestry issues and trends
Design and conduct sustainable forestry research
Develop education and training materials and events
Assist organizations and individuals interested in sustainable forestry issues


The Partnership facilitates research on an array of sustainable forestry issues to make new information available to the forestry community. Input from the diverse array of Partnership participants ensures a comprehensive research approach.


Research activities include:
Priority question development
Proposal development and review
Project coordination and administration

A sample of current research projects
Lessons Learned About Managing Forests for Biodiversity and Sustainability, a study.
Comparison of Two Forest Certification Systems and Oregon Legal Requirements, a study.
The Institute for Sustainable Natural and Human Systems

Education and Training
The Partnership helps forest decision-makers sharpen their skills and broaden their perspectives leading to improved stewardship and organizational competitiveness.


Education and training offerings include:
Case studies
Professional training
Demonstration sites.

A sample of current educational projects
Sustaining Oregon's Forests, a Powerpoint presentation.
Documenting and Sharing Sustainable Forestry Innovations, a Powerpoint presentation.
A Virtual Tour of Three Forest Ecosystems.

The Status of Forest Certification in the ECE Region (UN Economic Commission for Europe)

Assistance Services
The Partnership works with organizations addressing sustainable forestry, drawing expertise from a wide range of sources.


Assistance available includes:
Executive briefings
Referral for professional forestry services.

Other Useful Links

Visit our Sustainable Forestry Partnership national web site, or call toll-free 1-877-SFP-4937