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Dr. K. Norman Johnson, Chair

Oregon State University


Dr. James Agee

University of Washington


Dr. Robert Beschta

Oregon State University


Dr. Virginia Dale

Oak Ridge National Lab.

Oak Ridge, TN


Dr. Linda Hardesty

Washington State Univ.


Dr. James Long

Utah State University


Dr. Larry Nielsen

Pennsylvania State Univ.


Dr. Barry Noon

Colorado State University


Dr. Roger Sedjo

Resources for the Future

Washington, D.C.


Dr. Margaret Shannon

Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs

Syracuse, NY


Dr. Ronald Trosper

Northern Arizona Univ.


Charles Wilkinson

University of Colorado


Dr. Julia Wondolleck

University of Michigan



DATE: December 30, 1998


TO: The Committee of Scientists


FROM: K. Norman Johnson, Committee Chair


SUBJECT: Teleconference #8 Committee Meeting Notes



Enclosed are the notes from the eighth public teleconference call of the Committee of Scientists Federal Advisory Committee held December 15, 1998, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.


The purpose of the teleconference was to continue to discuss the committee's draft report to the Secretary of Agriculture and the Chief of the Forest Service. The public could participate on the telephone call at the Washington D.C. Office of the Forest Service and all regional offices of the Forest Service.


Enclosed you will find:

Attendance on December 15, 1998

Meeting minutes



Thank you for your participation in the meeting.



December 15, 1998; TELECONFERENCE




Dr. Norm Johnson, Chair

Region 1 -

Dr. Jim Agee

Doug Glevanik, Forest Service

Dr. Robert Beschta

Mike Wood, Alliance for the Wild Rockies

Dr. Virginia Dale

Than Hitt, Alliance for the Wild Rockies

Dr. Linda Hardesty

Deb Kmon, Alliance for the Wild Rockies

Dr. James Long

Dr. Barry Noon

Region 2 -

Dr. Roger Sedjo

Chris Liggett, Forest Service

Dr. Margaret Shannon

Dr. Ronald Trosper

Region 3 -

Charles Wilkinson

Art Briggs, Forest Service

Dr. Julia Wondolleck

Doug Shaw, Forest Service



Bob Cunningham, Designated Federal Official

Region 8 -

Committee Staff Support

Paul Arndt, Forest Service

Jonathan Stephens, USFS

Robert Wilhelm, Forest Service




Region 9 -

Washington D.C. Office of Forest Service -

Sam Emmons, Forest Service

Kevin Elliott, Forest Service

Vince Vukelich, Office of General Counsel

Susan Yonts-Shepard, Forest Service

John Vandlik, Office of General Counsel

Mark Delfs, Forest Service


John Henshaw, USDA, NRE


Chester Joy, General Accounting Office


Ryan Coles, General Accounting Office


Bill Imbergamo, Nat. Assoc. of State Foresters


Tom Geary, SPRA


Bob Bierer, American Forest & Paper Assoc


Mary Coulombe, Amer. Forest & Paper Assoc.


Karen Crass, Nat. Cattleman's & Beef Assoc.


Mary Munson, Defenders of Wildlife





Minutes of December 15th Teleconference Call with Committee of Scientists



General Discussion of Draft Summary


Dr. Johnson led a discussion of the Draft Summary. The committee discussed the structure, format and content of the summary. The committee agreed that the summary should be modified and restructured to reflect the comprehensive nature of the committee's task. Julia Wondolleck and Margaret Shannon agreed to lead the revision of the summary. Dr. Noon and others will work on the ecological sustainability section of the summary document. There was a discussion of the proposed ecological sustainability regulation and whether or not the draft regulation should be adopted by the Forest Service in its entirety, or whether the draft regulation is a prototype for the Forest Service to consider.


Committee Discussion of Sustainability


The committee had an extensive discussion of the definition of sustainability. Committee agreed that sustainability has three elements: ecological, social, and economic. There was a discussion about whether or not certain elements had primacy over another. The committee discussed the international recognition of sustainability. There was a discussion about possible dissenting views of the report by committee members. One approach discussed was for the committee to use professional journals as a forum for expressing dissent.


Schedule of Draft Report


The committee agreed to schedule a conference call on January 7, 1999, from 12 pm to 4pm (eastern standard time) to continue their discussions of the summary document and the final report.