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Dr. K. Norman Johnson, Chair

Oregon State University


Dr. James Agee

University of Washington


Dr. Robert Beschta

Oregon State University


Dr. Virginia Dale

Oak Ridge National Lab.

Oak Ridge, TN


Dr. Linda Hardesty

Washington State Univ.


Dr. James Long

Utah State University


Dr. Larry Nielsen

Pennsylvania State Univ.


Dr. Barry Noon

Colorado State University


Dr. Roger Sedjo

Resources for the Future

Washington, D.C.


Dr. Margaret Shannon

Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs

Syracuse, NY


Dr. Ronald Trosper

Northern Arizona Univ.


Charles Wilkinson

University of Colorado


Dr. Julia Wondolleck

University of Michigan



DATE: March 8, 1999


TO: The Committee of Scientists


FROM: K. Norman Johnson, Committee Chair


SUBJECT: Teleconference #11 Committee Meeting Notes



Enclosed are the notes from the eleventh public teleconference call of the Committee of Scientists Federal Advisory Committee held February 9, 1999, from 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.


The purpose of the teleconference was to continue to discuss the committee's draft report to the Secretary of Agriculture and the Chief of the Forest Service. The public could participate on the telephone call at the Washington D.C. Office of the Forest Service and all regional offices of the Forest Service.


Enclosed you will find:

Attendance on February 9, 1999

Meeting minutes



Thank you for your participation in the meeting.



February 9, 1999; TELECONFERENCE




Dr. Norm Johnson, Chair

Washington D.C. Office of Forest Service -

Dr. Virginia Dale

Kevin Elliott, Forest Service

Dr. Linda Hardesty

Peggy Harwood, Forest Service

Dr. Barry Noon

Paul Koscak, Forest Service

Dr. Margaret Shannon

Doug McCleery, Forest Service

Dr. Ronald Trosper

Bob Bierer, American Forest and Paper Assoc.

Charles Wilkinson

Mary Munson, Defenders of Wildlife

Dr. Julia Wondolleck


Region 2-

Bob Cunningham, Designated Federal Official

Chris Liggett, Forest Service



Committee Staff Support

Region 3-

Jonathan Stephens, USFS

Art Briggs, Forest Service



Region 4-


Shandra Smith, Forest Service



Minutes of February 9, 1999 Teleconference Call with Committee of Scientists



General Discussion of Revised Draft Summary


Dr. Dale led the discussion of a 2/9/99 revised draft Summary that was distributed to the Committee. The Committee discussed the summary and provided comments on a section by section review of the revised Summary.


Updating WEB Page


Dr. Johnson told the Committee that the WEB page would be updated with the latest version of the summary and meeting notes from previous teleconferences.


Discussion of House Natural Resources Committee Hearing


The Committee discussed their participation in the March 16 hearing. The focus of the hearing will be on the Committee's report and recommendations, as well as how the Forest Service will use this information to develop draft planning regulations.


Public Teleconference Call


The Committee agreed to hold another public teleconference call on February 23 from 11:00am to 2:00pm Eastern Standard Time.