K. Norman Johnson


BS, 1965, Univ. of California, Berkeley
MS, 1969, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison
PhD, 1973, Oregon State Univ.

Research interests: forest planning, harvest scheduling, public land forest policy

Current programs: developing techniques for public forest planning, analyzing forest management policies for public and private land

FOR 460, Forest Policy
FOR 561, Forest Policy Analysis
FOR 457/557, Forest Planning

Selected publications:
Johnson, K.N. 1994. Sustainable harvest levels and short-term sales levels of the FEMAT options. J. of For. 92:41-44.
Gordon, J., J. Franklin, K.N. Johnson, D. Patton, J. Sedell, J. Sessions and E. Williston. 1993. Report of the Indian Forest Management Team. Intertribal Timber Council. 170 p.
Scientific Panel on Late-successional Forest Ecosystems (Johnson, K.N., J. Franklin, J.W. Thomas and J. Gordon). 1991. Alternative for management of late-successional forests of the Pacific Northwest. A report to the Agricultural Committee and the Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. 59 p.
Davis, L.S. and K.N. Johnson. 1987. Forest Management, Third Edition. McGraw-Hill. 800 p.