Forest, Trees and People Program

The Forest, Trees, and People Program (FTPP) is a community forestry program jointly run by FAO's Community Forestry Unit in Rome, Italy; The Department of Rural Development in Studies in the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden; and Regional FTPP Centers in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America.

The FTPP was initiated in 1987 to emphasize the need for better cooperation and communication in community forestry. A quarterly newsletter and other publications are available for use by FTPP forest members. The regional centers distribute the newsletters, other publications, and provide a focal point for communications in their region and with other regions.

The centers for FTPP were established early in the program--except for the center in North America. The center in North America was established in 1994 in an agreement entered into by the International Society of Tropical Foresters, the Society of American Foresters, and the FAO Community Forestry Unit in Rome. The North American Center includes members in the United States, Canada, and English speaking members in the Caribbean (the center acronym is NACARCE). NACARCE is administered by the International Society of Tropical Foresters. There are no membership dues, and members receive the quarterly FT&P newsletter free of charge. In addition, NACARCE distributes a number of FAO's Community Forestry publications (when requested by members) free of charge --see the list of publications in the back section of each newsletter.

Forests, Trees & People Network

Forests, Trees & People Newsletter is a quarterly publication distributed to field projects, institutions, organizations and individuals interested in and/or working with community forestry activities. It forms part of the FTP Programme's networking activities which are jointly run by the Research Information Centre/SLU Kontakt, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden; the Community Forestry Unit, FAO, Italy; and regional programme facilitators in Asia, Africa, Latin and North America.

The network is designed to share information about improved methods of planning and strengthening community forestry activities and about on-going or planned initiatives of potential interest to its members. Contributions from interested parties are welcome.

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