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The goal of the Leopold Project is to continue the work Aldo Leopold started on topics that intersect forestry and wildlife science and ecosystems. Aldo Leopold is a prime example of the usefulness of working across disciplines to solve complex natural resource problems.

The Leopold Project is our way to put formal emphasis on this multidisciplinary approach to the study, wise use, and conservation of natural resources. Much of our current work involves research on trophic cascades involving wolves, ungulates, and forest ecosystems. Use the links on the left to explore each project.


The Spring 2007 edition of OSU's Terra features a cover story on the role of large carnivores in healthy ecosystems.

View the Terra Website cover.
View the article: Large carnivores promote healthy ecosystems by keeping browsers on edge. Terra Website, Oregon State University, 2007.

View Dr. Ripple's video on aspen, elk and wolves in Yellowstone (28 MB).

Linking Wolves and Plants: Aldo Leopold on Trophic Cascades - Abstract

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