Title bar: Communities and Natural Resources

The Fine Print

Assignments and Grading

A.  Participation    50%

This is an experiential learning class. What and how much you learn from it will depend upon what you bring to it in attentiveness, observation, critical reading, participation in activities and discussions, and personal reflection. We expect all students to be fully engaged in all aspects of the course, including reading, writing, attending and actively participating in all sessions, asking questions, offering reasoned points of view, listening attentively to others, and pitching in cooperatively with the daily tasks of a field course. To a very large degree, the success of this class depends upon the synergy we create as students living and learning together. Professional behavior is expected at all times - while in rural Oregon, we represent Oregon State University.

It is highly recommended that each student develop and maintain a notebook containing notes on assigned readings, class sessions, field activities and personal observations. This should be a combination of accurate quotations, lecture/discussion notes, and observations. The journal should also include reflections of a more personal nature on your particular experience in the class, your perspectives on each day’s activities and issues, questions that linger, and your emotional response to the day’s interactions. Although we might not read or evaluate your notebooks, we will observe the level of effort you invest in them. From time to time short written assignments may be required.

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B.  Final Exam    50%

The final exam will consist of a number of essay questions on the themes running throughout the course. Questions will be derived from assigned readings, class lectures, presentations, discussions, and other activities. Grading will be based upon how well the student comprehends, synthesizes, and articulates the concepts explored during the class. Creativity, critical analysis, and clear writing will be rewarded. This will be an open book take-home exam. The questions will be provided near the end of the class tour and the responses are to be submitted electronically to John Bliss the following Friday. In preparing your responses you may consult readings, your journal, or any other sources, and you are free to discuss the questions with class colleagues. Your answers, however, must be entirely your own.

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