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Oregon State University College of Forestry

Significant Dates in School's History

1896 -- FIRST FORESTRY course taught in botany department by Edward R. Lake.
1906 -- Four-year undergraduate and one-year graduate program in forestry established.
1908 -- Department of Forestry established.
1910 -- GEORGE W. PEAVY appointed as professor and head of the Department of Forestry. First class of forestry graduates: Harold D. Gill, Thurman J. Starker, Jack F. Pernot, Sinclair A. Wilson.
1913 -- School of Forestry established with Peavy as Dean. Department of Logging Engineering established in School.
1917 -- First Forestry Building constructed.
1921 -- Graduate work in forestry authorized; Master of Science, Master of Forestry, and Forest Engineer degrees.
Forest land acquisition program inaugurated. Peavy Arboretum and Spaulding Tract acquired.
1925 -- First Forestry Club Cabin built on McDonald Forest.
1927 -- Third major field of study, Lumber Manufacture, introduced; later changed to Wood Products.
1930 -- Six-month field work established as a graduation requirement.
1934 -- DEAN PEAVY appointed President of Oregon State College.
1940 -- DR. G.W. PEAVY appointed dean emeritus and president emeritus.
PROFESSOR E.G. MASON appointed acting dean.
1941 -- Oregon Forest Products Laboratory created in cooperation with School of Forestry.
1942 -- PAUL M. DUNN appointed dean.
1947 -- Three major curricula revised and names changed: Logging Engineering to Forest Engineering; Technical Forestry to Forest Management; Wood Products to Forest Products
OSU Forestry Alumni Association established.
1948 -- Forest manager for the School's forest properties appointed.
Short courses in cooperation with industry and public agencies introduced.
1949 -- Adair Tract (Paul Dunn Forest), part of Adair Military Reservation, transferred to School of Forestry.
1950 -- Present Forestry Club Cabin constructed.
1954 -- Forest Experiment Station established.
1955 -- W. F. McCULLOCH appointed dean.
1956 -- FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY of four-year program.
1957 -- New Forest Research Laboratory completed at 30th and Western Boulevard.
1959 -- Ph.D. program in Forest Management initiated.
1961 -- Administration of Forest Research Laboratory transferred to School of Forestry.
1963 -- Columbus Day Storm (Freida) -- seven million board feet of timber had blowdown on McDonald and Dunn Forests.
First Ph.D. granted (Forest Management).
1964 -- Ph.D. program in Forest Products initiated.
1965 -- Instruction improvement Center (Self Learning Center) established by grant from Hill Family Foundation.
Common freshman year initiated.
1967 -- CARL STOLTENBERG appointed Dean.
First woman enrolled in School since 1945.
1968 -- Dedication of Forest Science Wing, Forest Research Laboratory.
1970 -- First Ph.D. degree granted in Forest Products.
1971 -- New Forestry Building -- Peavy Hall -- completed.
Coordinator of Forestry Extension appointed.
1973 -- Resource Recreation Management Department transferred to School of Forestry from Division of Health and Physical Education.
Forest Engineering Institute initiated.
1974 -- Ph.D. program in Forest Engineering (Hydrology) initiated.
Second woman graduated from School of Forestry Common freshman year eliminated.
1976 -- Forest Science Department established.
Largest graduating class in history of School (205 B.S. degrees).
FE/CE 5-year dual degree program initiated.
1979 -- Position of Associate Dean established.
1981 -- 75th ANNIVERSARY of School of Forestry.
1996 -- College of Forestry at Oregon State University goes internet.

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