Genes and Chemicals in Agriculture: Value and Risk (BIO 435-435H/535, FS 435-435H/535)
Course Coordinators: Drs. Steve Strauss 7-6578 & Dave Stone 7-4433
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Name Department Email
Anita Azarenko Head, Department of Horticulture
Stacy Harper Dept. of Environmental & Molecular Toxicology
Dave Harry Dept of Forest Ecosystems & Society & College of Agriculture
Pat Hayes Crop and Soil Science
John Lambrinos Horticulture
Carol Mallory-Smith Crop and Soil Science
Robert Tanguay Environmental/Molecular Toxicology
Jim Myers Department of Horticulture
Dave Stone Environmental/Molecular Toxicology
Steve Strauss
(his biotech outreach web site)
Dept. of Forest Ecosystems & Society
Daniel Sudakin Environmental/Molecular Toxicology