Genes and Chemicals in Agriculture: Value and Risk (BIO 435-435H/535, FS 435-435H/535)
Class Structure
Each week there will be two 60 minute lectures, with each lecture followed by a 20 minute discussion/Q and A, with the instructor. Students will first be given time to discuss questions in small groups (5-10 min), then the class will come together with the speaker for discussion (10-15 min). In the small groups one recorder will be asked to write down the main point/s of there discussion to ask the instructor.

The recitations will be used primarily for discussion of readings, particularly of the more complex and controversial issues of biotechnology and toxicology.

Class policy on plagiarism. We will follow OSU policy when considering actions on detected plagiarism. See for discussion of what is and what is not considered plagiarism, including examples and punitive actions sanctioned by OSU. For the sake of this course, plagiarism will be defined as the inclusion of the majority of a single sentence, or additional written material, from a published source such as a book, article, or web site, without direct attribution and identification of the material (usually using quotation marks) as coming from that source.