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What style guide applies for the sciences?

The Council of Biology Editors' guide, Scientific Style and Format: The CBE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers, 6th ed., 1994, Cambridge University Press, covers the life sciences, the physical sciences, and mathematics. Many journals use the CBE Manual as their standard.

How do I refer to information I got from a Website?

Different publishers have different specific requirements, but at a minimum, give the URL (Website address), the organization responsible for the site, and the date that you found the information there. The exact date is needed because Websites change so often.

What do I need to do to send a paper to Forestry Publications?

Every manuscript we work on must have an accompanying Author’s Checklist signed off by the author’s department head. The checklist, for either external or in-house publications, is available from the department offices or under “Forms” on our web site. It is also useful to include a checklist of services to indicate which services you want to use. For instance, on a journal article, you have the choice of using our text processing service or incorporating editorial changes yourself.

You can submit the manuscript as electronic or hard copy. It is best to send both – electronic copies sometimes fail to carry special symbols from one system to another, but it is definitely easier to make consistency checks electronically. Electronic copy is usually submitted in either Word or WordPerfect; other software packages may also be acceptable. Hard copy should be entirely double-spaced (including the references and tables).

Will Forestry Publications distribute my reprints even if the paper wasn’t edited there?

Yes. If you provide reprints to Forestry Publications, we will send them out on request. The titles will be added to our web-based catalog so that the public knows they are available. If we have enough copies, we will also advertise them in our flyer, which we send out two or three times per year.

How do I get "Instructions to Authors" from journals?

Many journals publish an abbreviated version of the Instructions to Authors inside the cover or at the end of the printed matter of each issue. Detailed instructions may appear only once a year, or even less often. In that case, the abbreviated instructions usually include a reference to the appropriate issue. Increasingly, Instructions for Authors appear on the web page of the journal, its sponsoring society, or the publisher. A few journals do not give detailed instructions; for those, you will have to deduce their style from recently published articles. Other journals have many pages of instructions, or even a booklet. If all else fails, you can write to the editor.