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Scientific Publishing

We offer editing, illustrating, graphic design, and other prepress services to help authors prepare their manuscripts for submission to scientific journals or to book publishers. The high success rate with publishers has proven this to be a valuable convenience and productivity aid for both prolific and less proficient writers.

We also publish manuscripts under the Forest Research Laboratory imprint in three peer-reviewed series: Research Contributions, Papers in Forest Policy, and Case Studies.

  • Research Contributions describe recent research in more detail than journal publication usually permits.
  • Papers in Forest Policy provide information to legislators, administrators, and other policymakers to help them make policy and management decisions.
  • Case Studies are teaching studies that focus on a single unit, which could be a company, process, or product; each study emphasizes and elucidates a particular concept or principle with real-world data.

The Forestry Communications Group also orders, stores, and distributes our in-house series, as well as, journal reprints by College of Forestry authors. About 2000 titles, including both College of Forestry publications and reprints of journal articles, are available for distribution.

We also design, edit, and print high-quality posters, slides or Power Points for presentation of scientific data to either scientific or lay audiences.