Forestry Publications

Checklist of Services



Editing Services (each includes all listed previously; if any editing services are requested, double-spaced copy is required):

___ None

___ Check that all references are cited and present

___ Check that all tables are cited and present

___ Check that all figures are cited and present

___ Mark headers, references, tables, figure and captions to conform to publisher's format

___ Check spelling, grammar, and punctuation

___ Check that tone and approach are appropriate for audience

___ Make broad suggestions about organization, clarity, and appropriateness

___ Make detailed suggestions about all aspects of the paper (including text, tables, graphics)(required for in-house publications)

Graphic Services:

___ None

___ Check that figures and tables are reproducible

___ Suggest ways figures could be improved

___ Revise figures provided by author to suit journal format

___ Design and prepare figures in journal or format (required for in-house publications)

Text Processing Services:

___ None

___ Format

___ Incorporate all editorial changes and prepare final electronic copy (required for in-house publications)

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