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Moving the College Legacy Forward

Prompted by events surrounding publication of a post-fire logging paper in the journal Science in January 2006, I formed a Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility to give me recommendations on how we might improve academic freedom and responsibility in the College. The Committee conducted a survey and held numerous open meetings to collect input then deliberated its findings and recommendations. We quickly discovered a broader range of concerns existed and we empowered the Committee to use this as an opportunity to examine leadership, governance and communications as well as academic freedom and responsibility. The Committee’s final report is now in and posted on this website.

Thanks to the Committee and its leaders for making such positive contributions to the College.

I have discussed actions in response to the Committee’s recommendations during open listening sessions with diverse groups within the College, University leadership, and with Committee Chair Dr. Norm Johnson. Each of these discussions was intended to strengthen, sharpen, and clarify my actions to be responsive yet efficient. Implementation of the action plan has already begun.

While the actions described in my action plan are initial commitments, I am always open to improvements. I will use this website to post progress on the plan, results of open meetings, and reviews.

CAFR Report (pdf file link)

Dean’s Plan of Action for Moving the College Legacy Forward (pdf file link)

Link to download Adobe Reader