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Introduction (Continued)...

The virtual tour has been arranged based on the format of an on-the-ground tour hosted by the Sustainable Forestry Partnership in October, 2001. Four tour stops were included, and during each stop multiple topics were covered.

As you know, our topics of discussion relate to local managment relative to the Montreal Process. The seven topics listed in the control panel on the left of the screen are the criteria described by the Montreal Process. They were chosen as an assessment starting point by 13 countries with temperate and cold-climate forests. We will use them too.

Each criterion is essentially that which we want to sustain. Within each of the seven criteria are indicators, 67 in all, with a range of 5-20 per criterion. Each indicator quantifies or in some other way measures a criterion.

In this website, each criterion and a subset of indicators we think are most applicable to our discussion (and for which we have data) are explored separately on the Mac-Dunn.

Don't forget, the tour isn't complete until you've visited the topics covered at each of the four tour stops!

Many of the indicators within the Montreal Process were written in the context of a larger spatial scale than the McDonald-Dunn offers, which comprises 11,000 acres (4,500 hectares) of land. Our discussion here will concentrate on the indicators that pertain to the scale of the Mac-Dunn. We draw on regional and statewide information to create a balanced picture of the Mac-Dunn; this information will allow you to compare and contrast the Mac-Dunn forest and management strategies with other forests around the world.