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Welcome to our discussion of sustainable forestry

Here you will find:

  • Three Virtual Forest Tours: One on public land in the Coast Range of western Oregon, another on private land in the Alabama mountains, and the third in mixed hardwood forest of Pennsylvania!
  • Important Discussion of topics critical to sustainable forestry!
  • Audio and video incorporated into the website that helps bring the topic home!

The control panel buttons on the left will provide you with access to detailed information about the themes related to our forest tours. This background information will be valuable to know before heading off to the woods! Once you have reviewed the background information, go to one of three forest tours linked below.


Loblolly/Shortleaf Pine Forest


Maple/Beech/Birch Forest

Oregon State University
College of Forestry
McDonald-Dunn Research Forest
Auburn University
Penn State University

The goals of this website are to:

  • Explore what sustainability means to different people and at different scales:
    • visit forests in three regions of the United States
    • apply the Montreal Process in order to describe the three systems
  • Understand how forest practices and policy tools affect sustainability
  • Understand the role of forest certification in sustainable forestry

In the end we should have a better understanding of how criteria and indicators provide baseline information on our forest resources. We then take this analysis a step further, in demonstrating whether or not current management practices on our three forests sustain or diminish the local reosurces. At the same time, however, we hope you will better understand the complexity of the quest towards sustainable forests and forestry.

We may also discover that the question of sustainability is multifaceted and cannot be answered with a simple ''yes' or 'no'. Enjoy your tour!