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The Sustainable Forestry Partnership, comprising faculty and staff from Oregon State, Auburn, and Penn State Universities, has demonstration as one of its five principal programmatic foci. This website represents our first attempt at "virtual demonstration."

This effort goes beyond demonstrating common management practices, to documenting and incorporating the latest innovations in sustainable forestry. Demonstration forests are a staple of the forestry profession for showing the on-the-ground merits of different management approaches. Demonstration sites exist across the nation, and serve well for regional audiences. But concern about responsible forest management extends beyond the geographic boundaries of these sites. In addition, relatively few people have the opportunity to actually visit a site. Point-in-time visits can not convey temporal change in site conditions, and developing and using demonstration sites is capital and labor intensive.

We attempted to use latest instructional technology to develop the "virtual" electronic tours of demonstration areas. Virtual tours on Websites can reach large, geographically dispersed audiences. Virtual visitors can view forestry demonstration areas throughout the United States, assessing site conditions and management practices. By contrasting conditions across a wide range of sites using virtual references in a consistent format, visitors can develop a broader understanding and perspective on forest use and management.

Contact Information. We are anxious to hear your ideas, comments, and concerns, about the website. Please contact the unofficial "webmaster," David Zahler.

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