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This site is designed to provide you, the forest products worker, with up-to-date and timely information, facts, figures, and some plain fun stuff about the forests, the industry, your co-workers, and maybe even about you!.

A millworker once said to us "We're all in this together!" That pretty much sums it up. From the guys who set chokers to folks pulling green chain, from the people at the veneer lay-up table, to the millwright's assistant...we are all connected in one way or the other to Oregon's forests. We hope these web pages will help you learn something more about that connection. Others in your community—even your family—may learn something about what you do by seeing the "flow" of material from the forest to the consumer.

Computer Requirements

We have created the site to look the best using the following computer hardware settings and software:

Screen resolution: 600 x 800, with thousands of colors. (640 x 480 will work, but will require more screen scrolling). To maximize your viewing area, we recommend turning off the menu and toolbars on your browser.

Browsers: Netscape Navigator, version 4 or later, or Microsoft Explorer, version 4 or later

For maximum enjoyment, we recommend the following plug-ins be installed: QuickTime

Connection Speed: This is a graphic intensive site. Modem speeds less than 33.6 kbs will be disappointingly slow.

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How to use this website

We've designed these pages to be easy to navigate. There are many ways to get to the same place. Explore! Check out the Break Room, where you can browse information, or chat with others. Or take a visual tour of a forest or mill by following the "Forests" and "Mills." Who knows, you may learn something new about what happens 'upstream or downstream' from your shop. Hot topics will appear throughout the site. These are items you'll find in the news, or get asked about by your friends and others in your community. And, you can get quick answers in FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) or peruse interesting Facts on a variety of forest-related topics. 

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We want to hear from you...

Throughout the pages you'll find opportunities to ask questions, or send your comments or suggestions about what you see (or don't see) here. We're anxious to hear your ideas for topics you want to see. We will try our best to supply the information you request. Then you can come to your own conclusions, and share it with others in the Break Room! Feel free to contact us using our mail form.

We hope you enjoy the ForestLearn pages, and find them useful. We'll be updating them with new topics and information, so stop by regularly.


The ForestLearn Team

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This site was developed by the Forestry Media Center in the College of Forestry at Oregon State University in partnership with the Oregon Forest Resources Institute.

The ForestLearn Development Team:


David Zahler
Jeff Hino
Mark Reed

Site Design/Dev.:

David Zahler
Brandon Whitehead
Jeff Hino
Mark Reed

Additional Content Development: Barb Arnold, Autumn Bryant , and Reed Perkins

Artwork: Skye Walker

Additional Design & Programming: Joe Harvey, Johnny Tran, John Hu, and Aaron Gifford

With assistance from:

The Oregon Forest Resources Institute

Oregon State University College of Forestry

Dr. Paul Adams, Dr. Terry Brown, Mike Cloughsey, Dr. Greg Filip, Steve Fitzgerald, Dr. Ed Jensen, Betsy Littlefield, Dr. Mike Newton, and Dr. Arnie Skaugset.

Our Sincere Thanks to the following folks for providing us support for this project:

Diane Dillard and Jeff Sorenson, Boise-Cascade, St. Helens
Barb Disser, Weyerhaeuser Containerboard Packaging and Recycling, Portland
Phil Johnson, Whittier Wood Products, Eugene
Blair Moody, Greg Walch, U.S. Forest Industries, Inc., White City
Tim McCollister, Freres Lumber Co., Inc.
...and to all those forest products workers who appear on these pages.

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