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Virtual Tour

From forest to furniture

Lumber (90% alder, and some maple and pine) is delivered as rough-cut, kiln-dried dimensional lumber...
...and goes into the "rough mill" where defects are cut out.
The wood is cut into dimensions, edge glued and laid up into panels...
..Now in the "finish mill, the glued wood is shaped, drilled, and turned to make spindles...
...and chair seats.
A final finishing...
...a quality check, and then it's ready to be packed..
...for storage or shipment. About four 40-foot trailers of furniture leave this plant every day!
Chairs can have as many as 32 different parts... Everyone has to work together to make sure that all those parts come through at the same time. Each work center is responsible for quality control, and safety. This shop prides itself on the continual feedback between employees and managers that provides an opportunity for constant improvement.
Special thanks to our host for opening their doors to ForestLearn!