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Once off the paper machines, the large rolls are cut to specific widths and diameters for customer orders.

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It begins with feeding the paper from the large roll through a winding machine that cuts and rerolls the paper. A technician monitors the winding machine, ensuring that the paper is fed at the same speed as the rollers on the other side, and that the tension on the paper is just right.
On this day, the winding machine on Paper Line 1 was running at almost 2,000 feet per minute. That's 20 miles of paper per hour!
Technicians on the receiving-side of the winding machine prepare cardboard cores for winding. The cardboard core is already cut to the lengths that each roll of paper will be.
By the time the roll is done spinning, it will contain around 47,000 linear feet of paper! What we can't see is that this one, long roll is actually several smaller rolls, sitting side-by-side.
As the roll of paper rolls off the winding machine, workers separate the individual rolls that are cut to size.
Smaller rolls have been made to customer specifications.
These rolls are ready to be sent for packaging and shipping!