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The St. Helens mill has four paper machines in operation. Each paper machine can be controlled to produce different types of paper, and the four machines produce between 1,100 and 2,000 feet of paper per minute, per machine, in a continuous sheet more than 10 feet wide!

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The pulp enters the headbox as a slurry that is 99.5 percent water and the rest fiber. It is sprayed onto a moving screen as a thin, even, liquid mat.
The wet sheet of pulp flows onto the paper machine, where the entire process focuses on removing the water from the fiber. First it runs along a wire mesh, then it enters a roller-press. As it leaves the press the mat of fiber is beginning to resemble paper.
Steam-heated drums remove more water by pressing the paper sheet with its hot surface.
Hot drums down the line remove more and more moisture, until the sheet of paper is about 5 percent water.
At the end of the line, the paper is wound off of the dryer in large rolls, that will be cut-to-size, depending on the customer's orders. The winder machine, where the paper is cut, is the first step in producing the final product.