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Products at the plywood mill...

What is plywood?

Plywood is a flat panel made up of sheets of veneer called "plys". They are glued together with an adhesive that that is as strong— if not stronger— than the original wood! Plywood is valued because it is light, yet strong. It is a sheet material, and can cover large areas. It can be nailed, glued and sawed just like lumber.

Plywood is constructed with an odd number of layers with the grain of each layer perpendicular to layers above and below. Outer layers and all odd numbered layers usually have the grain direction going parallel to the long (8-foot) dimension of the panel. This arrangement makes plywood especially resistant to strain, splitting and warping.

Decorative plywood

Looks count! These specialty products are used where appearance is most important. Face veneer is high quality hardwood used for wall paneling and furniture.

Structural plywood

Strength matters! This plywood is used in building construction for sheathing on walls and roofs, and floor underlayment, so is often not visible after the building is done. Most structural plywood is made from softwoods, and uses thick, low-grade veneers. But other structural uses like siding and concrete forms may require a face veneer.