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More Information: How do we get the logs from the log decks on the landing to the logdecks at the mill?


Once we have transported the log from the stump to the landing, the next step is to get the logs from the landing to the mill. To do that, several people are involved, including the loader operator that lifts the logs from the landing to the log truck trailer.

A loader cleaning up the deck.
Logging truck hauling a load out of the woods.
The truck driver then hauls the logs to the mill, and to do so we need well-made, well-maintained logging roads. Planning a logging road is no easy part of a forester's job. A road must be good enough for heavy machinery to pass over and for trucks weighted down with logs.
Roads also need to be built with maintaining the health of the forest in mind. An unmaintained or poorly constructed road can lead to many problems, not the least of which are landslides. We also must repair and maintain a good road system, so for a forest landowner or a land manager, building a road right the first time pays for itself in the long run.
With a well-designed road in place, it is now the job of the loader operator and the log truck driver to transport the logs to the mill.
A log deck and lumber piles outside a mill.


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