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You'll need the latest version of QuickTime (available free) to see these panoramic movies.

Above is a 360 degree panorama of an uneven-aged stand in the eastern foothills of the Coast Range, close to Corvallis, Oregon. This stand is managed as uneven-age; timber is harvested, and the trees that are left represent many different ages, sizes, and species. Uneven-aged management may be one of our tools that will permit us to harvest trees in for a long time while protecting the stand characteristics that we associate with old-growth forests.

Move your cursor onto the center of the picture, click down and hold it, then drag your icon left or right, up or down. You can spin around in the forest! Be sure to look at the "uneven-age" characteristics: different-sized trees, a multiple-layer tree canopy, a few standing snags, decaying wood, and stumps where trees have been cut.