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A forester's job does not begin and end with the harvest of timber. There is much, much more, because the foresters' practice of silviculture— the care of trees from the seed to the oldest of trees, with a harvest if desireable— means we're always busy. In fact, the time after the harvest is often one of the busiest times for workers in the woods.

Landscape of young forest

After the harvest, we must think of what it will take to have the trees of the forest return. Sometimes this means replanting, while at other times it means leaving trees as seed sources; it always depends on the reproduction method of clearcutting or partial cutting that we've used. We also must prepare the land in a way that encourages the desired young trees to grow. Then, once the trees have been established, we use tools to improve their vigor and growth, such as thinning the stand when the trees get too thick.

We invite you to explore the processes that occur in a working forest as a result of harvesting timber.

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