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Yarder operator

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When we log steep hillsides, in areas with few roads, or if we're logging large trees, we often use cable logging. Sometimes it is difficult to build roads for logging machinery, so instead loggers use a metal tower and a machine, called a yarder, that pulls logs into the landing with a series of long cables.
A diagram of how a cable logging system works in the forest. On steep slopes the yarder is parked at the top of the hills, and the logs are usually pulled (yarded) uphill to the landing. The logs are lifted halfway or completely off the ground, which minimizes the impact on the soil.
Nowadays cable logging is very popular, particularly in the mountains of western Oregon where the hillsides are steep and the most popular reproduction method involves clearcutting. A man working a yarder, pulling logs to the landing.

However, these systems are being used more frequently for partial cuts and thins, as well as for logging on flat areas where soil compaction is a major concern.

See a video clip from the Forestry Media Center production, "Aerial Logging Systems":