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When we log we change the forest, so a management plan helps us to know what kind of changes we might expect from the harvest of the trees. Once we have a plan, then we can decide on how we want to harvest the trees in order to meet the needs of the landowner or forest manager, while minimizing damages to the forest as a whole. Besides providing timber, we cut trees for many other reasons, such as creating new wildlife habitat, forage production, and water management.

We can log trees for wood products or as a way of controlling forest vegetation. In both cases we receive the economic benefit of the wood product. As a result, logging provides us Oregonians with a lot of jobs! When trees are logged we have people working in the forest cutting trees (fallers)...
...setting chokers (choker setters)...
A choker setter.
...hauling logs to the landing, cutting logs to size (buckers), and loading the logs from the landing onto trucks.

Logging and Water Quality