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Oregon's state tree is the Douglas-fir. Even though there are about 30 species of conifers and 37 species of broad-leaved trees found in Oregon, west of the Cascades about 8 out of 10 trees in the woods are Douglas-firs!
The Empire State Building and a tall Doug-fir in a forest

Speaking of large trees... as in REALLY HUGE TREES... Oregon's largest tree is a Douglas-fir found in Coos County. It is 329 feet tall— about the size of a 28- story building (but not quite as big as the Empire State Building)!

For little trees to grow into big ones, it sometimes help to protect seedlings from animal damage. Do you know that Big Game Repellent, or BGR, is a deer and elk repellent that can be used in Oregon? The active ingredient in BGR is putrified liquid egg!