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"You can call me Frank, and I'm a forester. What does a forester do? Well, we foresters are people who are involved in the science, the art, and the practice of managing forests for human benefit and using natural resources that come from forested lands."

As you might suspect, that's not so easy! People have all types of good ideas about what we need from the forests. As foresters, we try to meet the needs of all the people who have a stake in the future of the forest, while protecting water, wildlife, and other environmental resources. In short, we managing for multiple uses.

To do forestry well, there are all types of foresters. Some of us learned forestry in school, while others of us learned while working in the forest. Most of us learned from both types of experiences! There are foresters who teach, those who develop logging plans, others who design and construct roads for loading and transporting logs to the mill, and foresters that work to regenerate Oregon's forests after logging. It is also the job of every forester and forest worker to make sure that our ecosystems and watersheds remain healthy. Whether a forester spends most of the time in the woods or in an office, we ensure a job well-done by planning what we do before we do it.