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Socioeconomic benefits

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Our society needs and wants different things from forests. As our population has grown, conflicts over how we manage and use the forests have become more common. For example, widespread support exists for preserving uncut forests at the same time that demand for lumber, paper, and other wood products is increasing. Finding acceptable compromises to settle these conflicts is at the heart of sustainable forestry.

house under constructionWood products manufacturers have learned to create a greater variety of products from fewer raw materials. With new products like oriented strand board, less wood is wasted and more is recycled.

Non-wood forest products. Commercial and personal harvest of other forest products is increasing: mushrooms, huckleberries, floral greenery, medicinal plants, and many other things. Because the amount taken was so small until recently, we still don't know how much of each product can be removed on a sustainable rhododendron blossombasis. Large landowners, such as the federal government, have begun requiring permits to harvest certain products, so that more information can be collected on the sustainable use of non-wood products.Mt. Jefferson

Recreation and tourism in forests is generally increasing.Compared to the past, Oregonians are making more frequent trips to the woods, but not driving as far. Visitors come from around the world to see our beautiful forests.

beam of light in forestCultural and spiritual values of forests are the most important aspect for some people.