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What is sustainable forestry?

Most Oregonians want a lot of different things from our forests. As forest products workers, we want steady jobs, and a steady supply of raw materials. The economic value of the forest is important to us.

But like most Oregonians, we also want the social and environmental values our forests provide.

No matter what we value the most, we can all agree that we want the forests to continue to provide these values, goods, and services for our children, for their children, and for all the generations to follow.

Providing the best mix of social, economic, and environmental values for current and future generations - that's sustainable forestry!

An international standard for sustainable forestry was developed at the International Conference on Environment and Development (also known as the "Earth Summit"), in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992. Oregon is the first state in the U.S. to measure its forests according to this new standard, which includes seven criteria:

  1. Biological diversity
  2. Productive capacity of forest ecosystems
  3. Forest ecosystem health and vitality
  4. Soil and water resources
  5. Global carbon cycles
  6. Socioeconomic benefits
  7. Legal and economic issues
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Here's how you can learn more or join the discussion about sustaining all the benefits that come from Oregon's forests:

The Forestry Program for Oregon (