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Print Media

Graphic design and page layout, content development, and the ability to produce full-size proofs allows us to work cost effectively to create a variety of print materials.

Posters (Large Format)

Applying natural resource information, art, and images to create a powerful learning material in poster form. A recent creation, produced in 2001 is the poster for K-12 classroom teachers, "Forests of Oregon." Designed for the Oregon Forest Resources Institute, this poster describes Oregon's diverse forested landscape. (Printing of the "Forests of Oregon" poster was discontinued in 2006: see an on-line, interactive version, also designed by the Forestry Media Center, here.) Other work has included instructional and advertising posters for FMC products.

Instructional Materials

We work on big and small alike. The Ecological Field Study Cards of the Willamette Valley, Oregon, is a medium-term project, with five sets of 52 eco-cards being developed at a rate of two sets per year. Cards are 4" x6", designed pocket-sized and durable for use in schools and in the field. For more information.

We don't stop at simply developing a CD-ROM educational program, DVD video, or Web site. Most products require instructions and packaging, and occasionally products include additional print materials, advertising and graphics, We do it all in the FMC.

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