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Media Facilities: Design and Management

Forestry Media Center Video Edit Bay

The Forestry Media Center

Our office is not only home to FMC personnel, but also includes facilities for digital media production, audiovisual equipment checkout and storage, and distribution of learning materials. The FMC digital edit bay provides state-of-the-art professional video editing using HDDV, DV, DVCPRO, or Betacam SP formats. In addition, the FMC has workstations dedicated to bulk slide scanning and flatbed scanning, and CD-ROM/DVD duplication.

The FMC is responsible for all College of Forestry audiovisual equipment equipment, training, and management, including projection, video/DVD playback, and distance education and videoconferencing facilities within Peavy and Richardson Hall classrooms. This charge has included the design, maintenance, operation, and training associated with a number of unique facilities within the College.

The Starker Family Continuing and Distance Education Room

Contact the CoF Extension Office to reserve this room: 737-1727.

Upgraded in 2011 this facility, Richardson 107, was designed by FMC and OSU Media Services staff to provide full support for the electronic dissemination of forestry and natural resource distance education courses, lectures, and other events.

The control booth in the distance education classroom
The Starker Family Coninuing and Distance Education Facility

The "DE Room" integrates two-way video, audio, computer projection, slide projection, and speaker support technology. The control booth allows signal routing, four camera switching, and videotape recording. Programs originated from this facility can be distributed on videotape, and through satellite uplink, cable broadcast,video- conferencing, and streaming media.

Sample Product: Starker Lecture Series

The Forestry Self-Learning Center

The Self Learning Center

Phone: 737-4160.
Open most weekdays, 8:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m., and most Sundays 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 pm during the academic year.

This media-rich learning environment serves the students of the College, providing access to reserve readings, audiovisual programs, and other self-paced learning materials.

The Duffie Digital Video Lab

With generous gifts from Mr. Cornelius Duffie the FMC assembled an all-access video-editing and webinar development lab in Peavy 250D to provide students and staff access to digital non-linear video editing systems. Through 2010 the equipment proved to be an integral part of developing new media skills in forestry and natural resources students, particularly in conjunction with our "Natural Resource Communications" course. Now we plan to focus the lab on webinar and distance-education and other internet delivery media.

Contact our staff to place a reservation.