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Research Approach


The Forest Sector Market Modeling team conducts research at the national, regional, and sub-regional levels. Our model building work is driven by the desire to help improve forest management and stewardship decisions by providing market projections and policy simulations to private and public managers. We have been particularly sensitive to the need of managers to apply the projections in their specific ownership and market context—hence we’ve moved toward basic model building blocks that allow greater geographic detail. Our research often is interdisciplinary and frequently involves scientists and natural resources professionals from other academic institutions and government research.







Recent Publications

Impacts of agent information assumptions in forest sector modeling. Sjølie et al. Journal of Forest Economics.

The impacts of changes in federal timber harvest on forest carbon sequestration in western Oregon. Im et al. Journal of Forest Research

Analysis of potential impacts of climate change on forests of the United States Northwest. G Latta et al. Forest Ecology and Management

Recent Media Coverage

Eugene KEZI 9: Climate change may expand forests.

Oregon Public Broadcasting: Using trees to curb climate change not so simple.

Associated Press: Study: warmed NW forests may yield less timber.


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Updated: 04/01/2011