User Interface

Coastal and Cascades RVMM -- Individual-Tree were written using Microsoft Visual Basic Version 3.0 Pro featuring a WINDOWS environment, pull-down menus, and graphics. The displays were developed with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixcels, therefore, this display resolution is recommended, although not essential. The main user-interface is a desktop with a menu bar displayed across the top of the desktop. Menus provide access to simulation options, file management, data entry, growth prediction, and output options.

Equation Development

The individual-tree modeling approach utilizes:

i) static equations to fill-in missing data for conifer and hardwood species,

ii) prototype Douglas-fir young-stand site index and tree-level survival functions,

iii) tree growth equations similar in form to those in existing rotation-age individual-tree growth and yield models (e.g., ORGANON, FVS/PROGNOSIS, SPS),

vi) herb and shrub cover, and shrub height projection equations, and

v) routines to perform conifer release from associated vegetation and precommercial thinning.

Functional Synopsis

The individual-tree model operates on an annual cycle to grow trees, shrubs, and herbs from plantation age 0 (just planted) through plantation age 20 years (growing seasons). At any plantation age, the user is able to:

i) view the tree-list, diameter class stand tables, aggregated stand-level tree attributes (site index, basal area, stem volume, mean height, quadratic mean diameter, and stocking), herb and shrub percent cover and shrub height, and bar-graphs of select stand-level tree attributes (diameter by .. stocking, height, crown width, height-to-crown base, live crown ratio, and stem volume);

ii) direct output (tree list, diameter stand tables, and aggregated stand-level attributes) to a printer or file (a tabular file suited to inspection, or a space-delimited file suited to RVMM, ORGANON, FVS/PROGNOSIS, or SPS input variables); and perform associated vegetation control and/or precommercial thinning.

Simulator Inputs

Coastal and Cascades RVMM -- Individual-Tree accepts input variables in either English or metric units. Input-variables, either read from a file or entered directly include:

i) plantation age and years-to-breast-height, required

ii) topographic information, required (slope, aspect, elevation);

iii) sampling specifications, required if data is entered directly (plot size and number of plots);

iv) expansion factor for each tree, required if data read from a file;

v) shrub and herb percent cover and shrub height, required;

vi) a tree list of conifer and hardwood species including the variables;

- basal diameter at 15 cm (d15), only optional, if height is given;

- breast-height diameter at 137 cm (dbh), required, if height > 137 cm (4.5 feet);

- total height, only optional if d15 or dbh is given;

- crown width, optional and only for Douglas-fir; and

- height-to-crown base, optional and only for Douglas-fir.

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