ORGANON Revision History

To check the detailed "version" [really edition] number of your copy of ORGANON use the support information link in the ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS section of the Windows control panel (See FAQ for instructions).

Report Date Description of the changes to the program Change Date
12/12/2013 Corrected misapplication of thinning modifier for height increment in RAP-ORGANON's red alder species.Both Console variant and the DLL's were corrected. 12/12/2013
1/15/2013 Corrected value of SWARNING(2) found in the data editing part of ORGEDIT.DLL and ORGRUN.DLL. 1/10/2013
1/23/2012 Replaced the Douglas-fir equation for predicting stump diameter with a revised equation. This change will affect both volume and taper estimates below breast height. 1/5/2012
11/26/2011 Errors in the Red Alder Plantation Version of the ORGANON volume (ORGVOL.DLL) and wood quality (ORGWQ.DLL) routines were corrected. The corrections to ORGWQ.DLL added two variables to the call statement. 10/17/2011
7/26/11 Errors in the calling subroutines of both ORGEDIT.DLL and ORGRUN.DLL were corrected, as was an error in the user's manual for ORGRUN.DLL. 7/26/11
2/28/11 Edition 9.1 of ORGANON was loaded onto the ORGANON web site. This edition includes the new volume and taper equations. The DLL download from the ORGANON web site now includes DLLs compiled using three different calling conventions. 2/28/11
1/30/11 Edition 9.0 of ORGANON was loaded onto the ORGANON web site. This edition includes the new Red Alder Plantation (RAP) version of ORGANON. It also corrected a problem with tripling when using the RUNDLL.DLL that produced incorrectly tripled records. 1/30/11
10/27/10 Four errors were corrected in the console variant of ORGANON:
1. Missing crown ratios for new ingrowth trees were not being filled in correctly.
2. There was an error when pruning new ingrowth trees that terminated the run.
3. Run History was not being added to the wood quality output as it should have been.
4. Modified Run Defaults were not being saved correctly in Set Defaults.
4/7/10 Corrected an error in the site index values of Edition 8.4 ORGRUN.DLL. 4/7/10
4/3/10 Corrected error in calculating impact of Swiss Needle Cast upon predicted height growth rate. Error was in both console and DLL variants of Edition 8.4 4/3/10
9/17/09 Loaded Edition 8.4 on to the website. Edition 8.4 has the following new features: (1) new diameter growth equation for western hemlock, (2) Douglas-fir genetic worth modifiers for diameter growth rate and height growth rate, and (3) Impact of Swiss needle cast upon Douglas-fir diameter growth rate and height growth rate ("version" [really edition] 8.04.0000). 9/17/09
3/6/09 Corrected a rounding error that affected how the upper limit to adiameter class is determined for the stand table, mortality table, sample summary table, and associated graphs. 3/6/09
6/5/08 Modified ORGRUN to prevent trees with unreasonable height/DBH ratios from exceeding computational limits with calculating crown attributes. 4/23/08
2/1/08 Corrected errors in: (1) ORGEDIT that could affect the filling in of missing heights for even-aged stands of western hemlock, and (2) the mortality routine of ORGRUN that could affect the predicted survival rate of trees with very small crown ratios when using the limit on maximum SDI option. 2/1/08
2/6/07 Corrected errors in the ORGANON RunDLL. The output variables CRCHNG and SCRCHNG were calculated incorrectly (the output variable CR2 and SCR2 were calculated correctly).. 2/6/07
1/3/07 Corrected an error in one of the parameters of the Oregon white oak diameter-growth rate equation. 1/3/07

Added new fertilization response modifier equation for the diameter-growth rate equation of Douglas-fir. Added new diameter-growth rate equation, new mortality rate equation, new height-diameter equation, and new height-to-crown-base equation for Oregon white oak.

2/27/06 Removed a program debugging message from the ingrowth routine ("version" [really edition] 8.01.0001). 2/27/06
1/30/06 Added limits defining the maximum height to crown base predicted by all versions of ORGANON ("version" [really edition] 8.01.0000). 1/30/06
1/26/06 Corrected a dimension error in an array in the ingrowth subroutine ("version" [really edition] 8.00.0003). 1/26/06
12/9/05 Modified the Windows shell so that the correct edition number is displayed in "help/about" ("version" [really edition] 8.00.0002). 12/9/05
12/2/05 Corrected a format problem with the wood quality output file ("version" [really edition] 8.00.0001). 12/2/05
11/10/05 Installed Edition 8.0 of ORGANON and ORGANON's DLLs. Edition 8.0 contains the new diameter growth, height growth, and mortality equations for the SMC Version of ORGANON (version 8.00.0000).. 11/10/05
8/1/05 Corrected programing errors associated with grand fir mortality equations in the SMC version and the western red cedar mortality equation in the NWO and SMC versions (version 7.00.0016) 8/1/05
4/4/05 Corrected the site index values located on the first line of the tree list output file (version 7.00.0015) 4/4/05
3/29/05 Corrected an error in the implementation of the tree mortality equations for red alder and Oregon white oak (version 7.00.0014) 3/29/05
12/23/04 Corrected an error in the SMC variant of ORGEDIT that used the wrong height-to-crown-base coefficients for Douglas-fir to fill in missing values (version 7.00.0013). 12/23/04
11/29/04 Corrected an error in ORGEDIT that caused to program to bomb when trying to process an uneven-aged stand (version 7.00.0012). 11/29/04
11/8/04 Changed the Tree List Output File by adding the number of trees per acrecut in the growth period. Also increased the significant number of digits for all number of trees per acre attributes (version 7.00.0011). 11/8/04
9/2/04 Changed the height-diameter and height-to-crown-base equations used to fill in missing values in the southwest Oregon version of ORGEDIT (version 7.00.0010) 9/2/04
6/29/04 Fixed an error in pruning and an error in tripling (version 7.00.009). 6/29/04
6/11/04 Fixed an error that caused an under prediction of diameter growth rate for the first growth cycle after a thinning that was conducted at the start of the run (version 7.00.008). 6/11/04
3/22/04 Corrected error in calculating the past diameter growth rates that are found on the .INP files (version 7.00.007). 3/22/04

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